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Ultrasound Technology


The primary benefit of the ReproArm is saving your shoulder (and some time). Using the ReproArm during my own pregnancy was a tremendous help in reducing the physical stress on my body and making my work much safer. In addition, the ReproArm seems easier on the animal and in the right facility, increases our speed. As for an initial learning curve, it has taken me a few hundred head to feel really comfortable that I am calling opens, open and not missing pregnancies.

-Dr. Lauren Mack , The Animal Hospital; Plainville, Kansas 

We were prepared to stumble through the learning curve by ourselves, but to have an on-site trainer proved invaluable and a huge benefit provided by ReproScan.
-Kevin Heaton ; Alton, Utah

Having an ultrasound for my externship lead to vast improvements in my ultra-sounding proficiency in both reproductive exams and calf lung ultrasounds. I liked the slenderness and low profile of the probe that I was using. It was especially good for fitting in between the rib spaces and behind the tricepts when scanning calf lungs. The screen was a useful tool to allow others to observe the imaging especially with calf lung ultrasound.
-Collin Wimmler ; Maddison, Wisconsin

I think the ultrasound course we attended was well done.  the instructors knew their material and kept it interesting.  We had plenty of cattle to practice with.  I would recommend the course.
-Diana Scollard DVM ; Absarokee, Montana

Great course for going over the basics of ultrasounding/fetal aging/fetal sexing. The lecture was great for going over what to look for. During u/s- both instructors were so helpful at walking you through little movements and exactly what you were looking at.
-Jessica Johnson DVM ; Bute, Montana

I was very impressed by the instructors, and the course as a whole. They were very knowledgeable and were great about answering questions. Their teaching method was easy to understand, and very engaging. I feel much more confident in my ability to accurately diagnose, date, and sex pregnancy in cattle. I’m very excited to preg check our cows and practice my new skills.
-Wayne Potter DVM ; Dell, Montana

Overall, the instructors and course were very beneficial to my learning how to better ultrasound. By taking this course, I now have a better understanding of identifying fetal aging on the screen, and have a quick resource to look at with the handy printed sheet. Additionally, the course allowed me to better visualize the setup of the machine chute-side, and practice with the introducer tool effectively. The instructors were very knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful with hands-on learning. This is a course I would recommend to my colleagues.
-Britney Rauk DVM ; Remsen, Iowa

The training course was great! I appreciated seeing the videos and having landmarks pointed out to me in the first day to use the second day during the wet lab
-Emily Dohrman DVM ; Concordia, Missouri