About us

Company Profile

ReproScan is a veterinarian owned company that provides portable veterinary ultrasound equipment to customers in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. ReproScan primarily focuses on scanning solutions for bovine practitioners and larger cattle operations. ReproScan products are portable, durable, functional, and affordable. ReproScan has successfully introduced 6 portable ultrasound units to the marketplace. We look forward to working with your veterinary practice or livestock production system in the years ahead as you incorporate ReproScan technology into your operation.

Our History

In 2003, Dr. Andrew Bronson adapted extension arm ultrasound into his bovine practice. He was one of the first veterinarians in North America to do so. This technology was very useful in 2005 when the USDA opened the border to live Canadian cattle imports. Legislation required all Canadian export heifers to be pregnancy checked by a veterinarian and only open heifers were eligible for export. Drs. Bronson and Hill formed Livestock Export Services and used extension arm ultrasound equipment to successfully pregnancy check over 150,000 fat feedlot heifers in the 2 years that these regulations were in place.

During these years, it became evident that a different type of rectal probe with a larger scanning area would find pregnancies and the open uterus faster than a traditional linear rectal probe. This led to experimentation with convex rectal probes and eventually led to the development of the original ReproScan 200. The ReproScan 200's 4.0 MHz convex rectal probe along with the ReproArm were engineered to enable fast and accurate pregnancy diagnosis without putting one's arm into the cow's rectum. A few million head later the ReproScan equipment has evolved into the new XTC and BoviScan models. These portable, durable, functional, and affordable ultrasound units are used by many veterinarians and cattle operators from the frozen Quebec North in Canada, across the Texas Panhandle, large ranches in Brazil and Argentina, down under in the Australian Outback and in the modern dairy sheds of New Zealand.


ReproScan’s goal is to provide veterinarians and beef and dairy operations with easy to use, durable and affordable ultrasound equipment that will improve the reproductive efficiency of the cattle operations and improve the safety of veterinarians and technicians using our scanning equipment.


Dr. Andrew Bronson has been a beef cattle veterinarian for over 30 years. He is a co-founding partner of ReproScan as well as a managing partner of BioCheck, the Canadian distributor of the ReproScan equipment. Dr. Bronson has taught arms free bovine ultrasound courses across Canada, USA, South America and Australia and is considered by many colleagues to be a pioneer in the development of extension arm ultrasound pregnancy testing of cattle.

Dr. Bruce Hill has been a dairy veterinarian and feedlot veterinarian for 18 years. He is also a co-founding partner of ReproScan as well as a managing partner of BioCheck, the Canadian distributor of the ReproScan equipment. Dr. Hill has been actively involved in implementing extension arm ultrasound in dairy practice. He is currently the business manager of ReproScan.

Derek Hermes joined ReproScan in December 2016 and is the US Sales Representative. Derek has a background in both large dairy and beef operations. Derek is based in Texas but travels throughout the US as needed. Derek attends various tradeshows and events, coordinates on-farm demos and training, and assists people in finding the correct ultrasound to meet their needs.

Maureen Coakley has been with ReproScan since 2013, and is the Office Administrator for ReproScan’s office in Alberta, Canada. Before joining the Reproscan team, she worked in veterinary clinics. As the Office Administrator Maureen helps with international sales, oversees repairs, logistics, quality control and much more.

Elle Terhaar is the Sales and Marketing Manager. She studied Animal Science and worked for a large animal veterinarian before joining ReproScan. Elle is based in Winterset, IA.