Our ultrasound equipment is used in many different applications throughout the world. The portability and durability of our equipment make it a first choice for your scanning needs.

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Using an ultrasound for beef cattle can help you improve accuracy and efficiency, increase safety, and reduce strain on your body. Click to learn more about methods and considerations in beef cattle. ReproScan ultrasound equipment is ideally suited for reproductive ultrasound in cow/calf and beef production operations, especially for pregnancy testing and fetal aging pregnancies. There are 2 main types of reproductive ultrasound on cow/calf operations: The first is the traditional “arm in cow” ultrasound that has been used for early pregnancy diagnosis and fetal aging (less than 120 days) and fetal gender determination in fetuses 58 to 80 days.
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Small Ruminants

When it comes to efficient pregnancy diagnosis in small ruminants ReproScan equipment is second to none. Click to learn more about using ReproScan equipment for small ruminants and camelids. Most small ruminants and camelids such as deer, elk, llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats can be pregnancy tested with ultrasound equipment. The best equipment to use will depend on the animal’s size, stage of gestation and the method that you wish to use.
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Whether you are out in the pasture or at the clinic in the stocks, you need an ultrasound that is versatile. From pregnancy diagnosis to injury assessment and everything in between, you can be sure that ReproScan equipment will be a reliable option. Pregnancy Diagnosis Most veterinarians that are doing equine reproduction prefer the 6.5 MHz linear rectal probe for early pregnancy checks and for scanning and measuring ovarian structures. As the fetus grows, some practitioners prefer to use the 4.
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The use of ultrasound in the dairy industry is a crucial tool for detecting early pregnancies, identifying open cows and fetal sexing. Click to learn more about ultrasound use on dairies. ReproScan ultrasound equipment provides solutions for all the challenges of dairy cattle reproductive ultrasound. When selecting ultrasound equipment for dairy cattle reproductive examinations, one needs to consider many factors. Early Pregnancy Diagnosis A presumptive diagnosis of pregnancy can be made as early as 26 days.
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Companion Animal

Companion animal ultrasound offers many benefits to a practice and it’s associates. Click to learn a bit more about the many exams performed using ReproScan equipment. ReproScan offers a portable, multiprobe ultrasound unit that works well for companion animal examinations. The 6.5 MHz C20 micro convex is one of the most commonly used probes; it is a great multiuse probe for routine examination of the bladder, uterus, abdomen for fluid, thorax for fluid.
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ReproScan’s simple, durable and affordable ultrasound equipment works great in modern swine breeding barns. Click to learn more about ReproScan equipment for porcine application. Pregnancy testing sows at day 21 to 28 is a very economical procedure in modern pork production. Sows are relatively easy to ultrasound when restrained in a crate. With more production switching to loose housing for sows, pregnancy testing is more of a challenge. The BoviScan S60 or ReproScan Flexx with a 3.


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