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Companion animal ultrasound offers many benefits to a practice and it’s associates. Click to learn a bit more about the many exams performed using ReproScan equipment.

ReproScan offers a portable, multiprobe ultrasound unit that works well for companion animal examinations. The 6.5 MHz C20 micro convex is one of the most commonly used probes; it is a great multiuse probe for routine examination of the bladder, uterus, abdomen for fluid, thorax for fluid. The 3.5 MHz C60 T handle probe has a deeper field of view and often is used for large dogs, small ruminants and so on. The 7.5 MHz L40 T handle probe is recommended for smaller companion animals and surface level exams such as tendons.

Having the right ultrasound equipment for mixed animal practice is a challenge. This is why ReproScan designed the Flexx—the solution and practice builder for the rural mixed animal practitioner who as to do it all. Providing bovine, equine, small ruminant and companion animal ultrasound services for your clients is a challenge and historically has required multiple ultrasound machines. Multiple probes are involved as the organs and body systems examined are all very different in shape and size across species. A mixed animal practitioner may be called upon to exam equine tendons, pregnancy test goats, exam a dog for ascites and pregnancy test cows all in the same day! (ruffin or tonia quote) Having a multi-probe ultrasound unit in each mobile veterinary unit helps make the challenging days for a rural mixed animal practitioner much easier.

The ReproScan Flexx allows your mixed practice to have a portable ultrasound unit with up to 5 probes to choose from at a very affordable price.


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The Everyday Ultrasound is designed for rural mixed animal practice. You will use the Flexx to improve examinations of every species in the clinic and out on the road.

  • Five probe options
  • 8 Preset Exam Settings per probe
  • Image Export to FLEXX Android App


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