Equipment Care: Chuteside Set Up

Winter is right around the corner, this means chilly days. Chilly days mean chilly fingers. Speeding up your setup time at the chute can reduce the chilliness in your fingers. There are numerous ways to setup your ReproScan up chute-side, but what are quickest and easiest? ReproScan recommends the RAM Mounts® system. This accessory kit is easily adapted to any ReproScan Monitor. To see an in depth set up video click here to see the Ram Mounts Video on YouTube.

As you can see in the video there are different RAM Mounts® setups depending on your chute design. We at ReproScan have found that this RAM Mounts kit reduces set up time and allows for more adjustability for you monitor. If you would like to purchase a RAM Mounts kit please call the office at 877.890.2411.