Best Practices; Service Checks!

ReproScan ultrasound units work in tough conditions every day. The equipment is exposed to dust and moisture; moisture in the form of condensation can creep into the unit without your knowledge. Please consider sending your ReproScan unit in for a service check to our service depot in Pennsylvania or Alberta. Your ReproScan unit will be opened up by a trained ultrasound technician. The unit will be inspected for dust, moisture, corrosion, loose connections and serviced as required. The probe will be assessed for image quality. 

To schedule your servicing please contact Angella at the ReproScan office 1-877-890-2411 or 

Thank you for purchasing a ReproScan ultrasound unit. We sincerely hope that it is working well for you and that you are pleased with it. Please contact us if you have any comments, questions or great stories about your ReproScan unit.