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August 2019

Preg Checking Check List

It’s time to get ready for preg checking season and here is a list of things to consider:(Your ReproScan Equipment, Ram Mount Kit, Shorty Arm, Chute Side Check List, Safety First)

Viewing Device Considerations

Enhanced personal safety by improved peripheral vision should be a goal in everyday life and especially on farm.

May 2019

Breeding Season: How Long is Too Long

The cattle business is amazing in its diversity of geographical locations and management styles. Every ranch must adapt to their environment and resources and strive to be a competitive producer of calves and feeder cattle. One of the many decisions to make each year is, how long should your breeding season be?

Safety Precautions When Using Ultrasound

Let’s talk safety at the chute. Please continue this conversation with your co-workers and clients. It is a topic that needs to be discussed regularly.

March 2019

Feeding Open Cows

Producers up north, cannot imagine not pregnancy testing their cows. They have had one of the toughest Februarys on record, and the hay piles are getting smaller by the day. They sure don’t want to be feeding any open cows in their herds this winter.

Trained For Success

The course environment was a positive and fun learning environment. I felt open to ask questions and participate. I would recommend this course to practitioners, technicians, and veterinary students. I found it very helpful for myself as a new veterinarian but also found it beneficial to enroll my technician in the course.

Why Train?

Veterinary ultrasound equipment has helped a lot of people improve their ability to diagnose pregnancy and reproductive problems in beef and dairy cattle. People still need to continually ask themselves if they are using the equipment to the best of their personal ability and is the equipment set to the optimal settings for the type of examination being done. In the world of cattle reproductive ultrasound, many people work on their own and don’t have the opportunity to compare their skills to others and to learn more about setting their equipment.

NCBA Recap

The 2019 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show was one for the books. The convention was held January 30- February 1, 2019, in New Orleans, LA. More than 8,000 cattlemen and women made there way to the largest cattle industry event in the country.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Cold Weather Stress On Your Ultrasound

It is cold here in Iowa! We have heard from numerous customers from around North America that winter is in full force everywhere. It’s a good reminder for us all that taking a bit more care if you are ultrasounding during this weather is beneficial to the longevity of your ultrasound equipment.

September 2018

New Look!

As you may have already noticed, ReproScan is in the process of getting a new look! New look, new location, but same great customer service and products. At the core, ReproScan seeks to offer simple, durable, and affordable equipment with the best customer service. We at ReproScan wanted our look to reflect this. Stay tuned to see the transition, and thank you for your business—we greatly appreciate it!

Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Getting the Most Out of Your Battery!

It’s that time of year again… time to pull out the ultrasound and dust it off. Did you charge your battery in the off season? If not, you may not be getting the most out of your battery. Lithium Ion batteries do best if stored with a partial charge. Like most phones, ReproScan’s 2.0 Monitor has a constant slight draw on the battery, due to the touch screen. This means that even though you stored it charged, it would have died if not charged in the off season.

CE and Training Opportunities

In many parts of the country, fall brings pregchecking season. This fall, do you want to sharpen your ultrasound skills or learn to ultrasound? We closely work with several trainers to provide a variety of courses.


The American Association of Bovine Practitioners 51st annual meeting and trade show was in Phoenix, AZ this year. In celebration we are offering an AABP sale to honor our large animal veterinarians for the month of September.

Settings for Dry Manure

When ultrasounding cattle, it can be a challenge to get a good image if the manure is dry. Often the image will appear quite dim. In this short video, Dr. Bronson will discuss how to brighten up your image a bit to help compensate for the dry manure.

May 2018

Greetings From Iowa - We Moved!

Have you wondered why you have not heard from the ReproScan team? We have been busy! ReproScan has some exciting news: The new head office for ReproScan is now in Winterset, IA.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Adjusting Your Ultrasound Unit to Get the Best Image

ReproScan ultrasounds have easy to use operating systems. These units have been designed so the operator can quickly and easily adjust the settings to improve the image. For most of us, we are concerned with the cow’s uterus and its potential pregnancy.

Industry Spotlight - Dairy: The Use of Ultrasounds in Dairy Farms

With June —dairy month— just around the corner, we would like to highlight ultrasound use in the dairy industry. Reproductive ultrasound technology was first used on dairy farms in 1984. Dr. Ginther, at University of Wisconsin, and his team are credited with the first research involving ultrasound imaging of the bovine reproductive tract. Since 1984, an incredible amount has been learned about reproductive cycles, early pregnancy detection, fetal aging, fetal gender determination, ovarian structures and more.

November 2017

Tips, Tricks and Techniques – Fetal Sex Determination

Fetal gender determination can be a large value-added feature for those utilizing ultrasound technology. To accurately determine the gender of the fetus, most experts do not recommend attempting to fetal sex earlier than day 57. The optimal window when using a linear probe ultrasound such as the BoviScan HD, is between day 57 and 80 days.

Equipment Care: Chuteside Set Up

Winter is right around the corner, this means chilly days. Chilly days mean chilly fingers. Speeding up your setup time at the chute can reduce the chilliness in your fingers. There are numerous ways to setup your ReproScan up chute-side, but what are quickest and easiest? ReproScan recommends the RAM Mounts® system. This accessory kit is easily adapted to any ReproScan Monitor. To see an in depth set up video click here to see the Ram Mounts Video on YouTube.

New Equipment Highlight - 2.0 Wireless Monitor

ReproScan's new LCD Monitor 2.0 is now available! This monitor offers improved image quality, increased user friendliness, wireless capabilities, a single 8-hour built-in lithium ion battery, touchscreen buttons, and a brighter and clearer display. Paired with the ReproScan Sun Shade Monitor Bag, the bright 1000 nit display makes working outside in sunlight even easier.

Fall Photo Contest Results

Thank you to all the people who sent in photos for the contest. We received all sorts of pictures from across North America. Keep an eye on our facebook page for all of the pictures.

August 2017

Tips, Tricks and Techniques – Fetal Aging: Plan Ahead for Success!

One of the greatest benefits of ultrasounding is the ability to age the fetus and determine the stage of gestation of the pregnant cow. When determining fetal age, it is important that the animals are presented at an estimated stage of gestation that gives you the results that you and your client desire.

Training Opportunities

Pregchecking season is underway in many parts of the country. Do you want to learn to ultrasound your cattle, or sharpen the skills you already have? ReproScan collaborates with several trainers to provide various training courses.

AABP Special

Vets, this year is a monumental one for the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, it is the 50th anniversary. The ReproScan team is excited to be a continued part of the annual conference and trade show.

Fall Photo Contest

ReproScan would like to see how you use your ReproScan Equipment. Send in your picture before Oct 27, 2017, for a chance to win a ReproScan accessory to fit your setup: (RAM Mount, Battery, Monitor Batteries etc). The only requirement is that ReproScan equipment is somewhere in the picture.

May 2017

Equipment Care - Tips for Saving Battery Life

We have all experienced it, that dreadful moment when you turn on your machine…nothing. Your battery is dead. There are many reasons this occurs: forgetfulness, extended periods without use, extreme temperatures, battery age etc. What can you do to prevent your batteries from going dead? The simple answer is remembering to charge them, but there are other ways to elongate your battery’s life.

New RAM Mount® for your ReproScan Monitor

There are numerous ways to position your Bright LCD Monitor chute-side. ReproScan is now offering a new RAM Mount Kit for your Bright LCD Monitor. This kit allows you to quickly set the perfect angle and fix the position of the monitor. The RAM Mount keeps your monitor steady even in the wind, allowing you to make your diagnosis quicker.

Customer Feature - Hutson Angus

Hutson Angus is a large registered Angus operation based in Elk City, Oklahoma. Hutson Angus was introduced to ReproScan ultrasound equipment at the National Angus Convention in 2015. They discovered that ultrasound technology would be more efficient and provide better management tools than their method of preg testing at the time which was the BioPryn blood test.

Unique Valentine's Day Gift

Karmen Landers received a unique Valentine's Day gift from her husband Steve this year. The Lander's family runs a registered and commercial Red Angus operation in Central Arkansas. Karmen is a registered nurse and loves ultrasounding her own cows.

February 2017

Tips, Tricks and Techniques – Ultrasounding Cattle when it is Cold

Ultrasound pregnancy testing cattle on cold days adds additional challenges to an already busy and challenging job. Below are a few tips and ideas from someone who has spent many a cold day chute-side. (Yes, you folks in Florida and other warmer climates can skip this article. Please send us your tips on how to beat the heat.)

Equipment Care - Off Season Care and Storage

Preg checking season has come to an end for many northern ReproScan customers. It is all too easy to put your ultrasound equipment into the backroom without a thought. However, to get the most out of your ultrasound and viewing devices, ReproScan recommends that you fully charge your ultrasound battery as well as your monitor batteries, then run for 3 hours.

ReproScan Welcomes Derek Hermes to the Team

ReproScan is excited to welcome Derek Hermes to our sales team as a US Sales Representative. Derek started in December of 2016. He will be based in Texas and will travel throughout the United States. Derek will head up on-farm demonstrations for both beef and dairy operations.

Equipment Servicing

ReproScan ultrasound units work in tough conditions every day. The equipment is exposed to dust and moisture; moisture in the form of condensation can creep into the unit without your knowledge. Please consider sending your ReproScan unit in for a service check to our service depot in Pennsylvania or Alberta.