December 2023

December is Flexx Fest!

We can’t believe it is that time of year again, but Flexx Fest is finally here! This sale is designed to support our rural-mixed animal vet clinics by providing a versatile ultrasound machine at an affordable price. Therefore, resulting in increased flexibility when serving your clients. During the month of December, get 2 FREE probes with a purchase of a new Flexx package. But why the Flexx? The Flexx is called the “Everyday Ultrasound” for a reason.

Elle's Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It has been such a joy to serve you this year! We very much appreciate your business with ReproScan. When people ask me what I enjoy about working with ReproScan, I always say three things: 1. We have the BEST customers! I know I speak for the entire ReproScan team when I say this, we love hearing about how your clinics are doing, learning about how your businesses have changed, and watching your families grow.

Deep Body Scans - What You Need to Know

It is that time of year: as the days get shorter and we move away from beautiful fall days of preg checking 45-day fetuses, our phones begin to ring with questions about scanning long-bred pregnancies. Preg checking near the end of the year often ensures that you will run into long-bred and/or deep-bodied cows, and each of these circumstances presents a challenge. One feature that ReproScan offers that may help with these challenging scans are the pre-set exams on each machine.

Tips for Storing Your Machine this Winter

Frigid temperatures are the normal in Iowa at this time of year, and maybe they are in your region too! If so, we have some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to storing your ultrasound machine in the upcoming colder months. Or maybe you are lucky enough to live in a region where it doesn’t get below freezing, and if that’s the case, we are jealous! But you can also apply these suggestions when you are giving your ultrasound a rest during your slow season.

August 2023

Convex vs Linear- Which Probe is Right for You?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is, “What is the difference between a convex rectal and linear rectal probe?” At ReproScan, we strive to have you set up for success, and in doing so, we want to help you select the probe that will best fit your needs. Our linear probe features a high frequency image but shoots a shallower image than our convex probe. Our linear probes have a depth of up to 16 cm, dependent on your machine, but most common settings are between 8-9 cm deep.

Take a Look at the Apexx Curve!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new product, the Apexx. With improved image quality, Wi-Fi capabilities, and multiple device compatibility, the Apexx was designed to elevate your ultrasound experience. The Apexx is a fixed-probe unit with either a convex or a linear probe, ready for rapid deployment in the dairy or beef setting. The Apexx features the same rugged durability that you’ve come to know and love from ReproScan equipment.

Check Out the Apexx Linear!

The Apexx by ReproScan is designed to elevate your ultrasound experience. Utilizing the trusted foundations of our other models, we designed a unit with improved image quality and more viewing device options. Apexx takes image quality to new heights with its 128-crystal probe and now offers Wi-Fi capabilities. With pre-set exams and easy to change settings, the Apexx is customizable to fit your needs. View scans on our OJOv4 goggles, a monitor, or your own smart device on the Apexx app, where you can save images and CINE loops, measure structures, and name files.

Practitioner Promo Is Almost Over!

Along with the launch of our new product, we are excited to offer our annual month-long sale for veterinarians! Practitioner Promo is here once again, and this month, vets can save on all new ultrasound packages. Whether you are looking to purchase your first ultrasound, or need an upgrade, we are ready to talk packages that will best fit your needs.

June 2023

New Online Training Course!

We understand that your schedule is extremely busy and that causes some difficulties when trying to attend one of our bovine reproductive ultrasound training courses. Or maybe our set locations are not in a feasible area for you. With those issues in mind, we have created a new online training course, that will hopefully solve that issue. ReproScan’s new online training course will cover all of the basics of bovine reproductive ultrasounding through a series of videos.

Why You Need A ReproArm This Fall!

Here at ReproScan, we understand how quickly your arm and shoulder begins to wear out after years of palpating. The strain your shoulder goes through can quickly add up, especially if you have been preg-checking for years. Thankfully we have found the surefire solution to this ongoing problem. The ReproArm is our version of an extension arm. We have specially designed it to have a specific bend, surface area, and durability, making it not only easier on you, but also easier on your cattle.


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