December 2022

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Merry Christmas from Elle

The days are getting shorter and, as much as I wish I could, winter is no longer deniable. For many, this means extra layers, challenging farm calls, and longer chores. We understand; and we are here to support you. This time of year, it may just be a friendly reminder to carry an extra “hot hand” to put near your ultrasound and in the back of your monitor bag when its freezing, or to answer my favorite question, “So Elle, I have to ultrasound a (insert your favorite farm animal/exotic here) and I’m not exactly sure how to do that.

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Flexx Fest Is Finally Here!

Wrapping Up the Year With Flexx Fest! Flexx Fest is one of our favorite ways to wrap up the year! It is an opportunity to support our rural-mixed practices by giving 2 FREE probes, allowing you more flexibility when ultrasounding. Take advantage of this sale by the end of December and receive 2 FREE probes with the purchase of a new Flexx package. CHECK OUT WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY

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A Gift For Everyone

Christmas is the season of giving and we have a wonderful gift that will be useful all year round. When it comes to preg checking, there are several steps to help prepare for the busy days ahead. We wanted to create a helpful document that can be printed and handed to clients in order for correct preg checking preparation. Hang it up on your fridge, keep it in the barn, or even take a screenshot on your phone to ensure that the document is always handy.

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Elle's Corner: Putting Your Machine Away For Winter

Whether you have freezing temperatures, or you’re just done for the preg checking season, we wanted to share some helpful steps for storing your machine. As with any other piece of equipment, extreme cold can be hard on your ultrasound. We want you to be ready to go without issues when you need your ultrasound machine next season! Check out the video below and see what Elle recommends when it comes to storing your machine away for winter.

October 2022

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Once In A Lifetime Ultrasound Training!

Our training courses are held at some of the most beautiful locations. But this location has to be one of the best. We are excited to announce that one of our training courses on the 2023 calendar will take place in Maui, Hawaii! Yes, you read that correctly! Not only will this training course provide excellent hands-on CE credit opportunity, but it will be another place to check off your bucket list!

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BoviScan Blitz Is Almost Over!

Can you believe we are almost through the month of October? Don’t worry, its not too late to take advantage of our BoviScan Blitz sale and get 10% OFF all new BoviScan packages through the month of October. Our BoviScan machines are known for their simplicity and affordability when it comes to preg checking your herd. It’s long lasting battery and durability will be able to keep up with you in any condition.

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What Are Opens Costing You?

As many of us know, ranching is very reliant on current markets. We often hear, “I don’t need to gamble; I have cattle!” Inflation, drought, feed costs, and cattle markets are all factors out of most producer’s control. Therefore, it is as important as ever to make informed management decisions. Do you know the cost of an open cow on your operation? Pregchecking by ultrasounding early can help you make more educated management decisions through offering more data.

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Elle's Corner- Busy Season Reminder!

We understand that fall is a busy time of the year. Whether you are harvesting, fall calving, or our favorite, preg checking, we know you are busy! Whatever you are doing this fall we wanted to remind you about a crucial tip to help with a quick and easy day of preg checking. We are talking about manure quality! Take a look at the picture below to see what we mean!

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Flexx In Use

This Everyday Ultrasound is designed for rural mixed animal practice. Take the Flexx with you in and out of the clinic to bring high-quality examinations to each patient. The 5 different probe options with 8 preset exams settings per probe, allows for all different types of exam options. Take a look at our different applications to see how the Flexx can meet you and your clinic’s needs! Beef Applications Small Ruminants Applications Equine Applications Dairy Applications Companion Animal Applications Swine Applications WHY THE FLEXX?

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What Are Pregnant Heifers Costing You In The Feedlot?

Heifers calving in the feedlot can greatly reduce efficiency. Reduced carcass quality and increased management challenges are are few of the results when heifers calve in the yard. Identifying pregnant heifers as soon as possible allows you to manage those animals according to their stage of pregnancy, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing unexpected calving in the yard. ReproScan’s Extension Arm ultrasound and training resources can help make the transition to pregchecking with an Extension Arm ultrasound quick and easy.


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