Pregnancy testing sows at day 21 to 28 is a very economical procedure in modern pork production. Sows are relatively easy to ultrasound when restrained in a crate. With more production switching to loose housing for sows, pregnancy testing is more of a challenge. The BoviScan S60 with 3.5 MHz C60 T handle probe is ideal for pregnancy testing sows transabdomenally in crates and/or loose housing. Most people prefer the Vista goggles for this job. The BoviScan S60 can worn with the waist strap or put in a backpack for added protection.

Pregnancy testing sows can also be done very effectively with the ReproScan XTC, BoviScan Curve and the ReproScan Flexx using the 4.0 MHz convex rectal probe. Use a deep setting so the sow’s uterus is easy to see.


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