Preg Checking Check List

It’s time to get ready for preg checking season and here is a list of things to consider:

Your ReproScan Equipment:

    • Charge your batteries in your XTC or BoviScan Curve and monitor.
    • Connect your equipment and turn it on. Ensure that batteries, connectors and cables and chargers are all in good shape.
    • Run the equipment for several hours to make sure that your batteries will give you the time you need at the chute. Battery duration should be: XTC 6 hours, BoviScan Curve 8 hours, ReproScan 2.0 monitor 8 hours, Blue Batteries for ReproScan 1.0 monitor 6 hours. If you have less time than this, please make arrangements for a new battery.

Ram Mount Kit

    • If you haven’t purchased a Ram Mount kit for mounting your monitor at the chute, now is a good time to get one. This inexpensive equipment works great with ReproScan monitors to safely mount the monitor exactly where you want.
    • If you already have a Ram Mount kit, connect the pieces and make sure the parts are all there. Discuss your method of mounting your ReproScan monitor with ReproScan staff to see that you have the Ram Mounts parts that work best with your chute. For example, consider getting a RAM Tough-Claw Large Clamp if you work in tubular chutes. We have had great reviews of this product.

Shorty Arm If you do a lot of short bred cattle, consider ordering a “Shorty” 23” ReproArm. Shorty Arm makes checking heifers at 120 days or less a lot easier in most setups.

Chute Side Check List

    • Let’s assume you are going to use a Ram Mount kit to hold your monitor. You will still need a way to hold your ReproScan ultrasound unit. One convenient way to do this is with a DeWalt 600 lb. Trigger Clamp which is available in most hardware stores. This works great on a square piped chute. Other options included: 2x4, RAM Claw or hooks. The ReproScan staff is happy to talk through different set up options.
    • Remember the lubricant. J-Lube powder in a 5 gallon bucket is the most widely used. It is a good idea to have several J-Lube containers at the start of the season. You never know when dry conditions will firm up the manure and require extra lubricant.

Safety First

    • Last on this list but a very high priority is the safety of the person doing the ultrasounding, the cattle handling crew and the equipment. Check over the chute(s) for loose parts and spend some time with the cattle handling crew to make sure everyone knows how to safely and quietly bring you the cattle.
    • The ReproScan 2.0 monitor properly positioned with a Ram Mount kit is a good way to increase peripheral vision rather than using goggles. Make sure you can see around you and that you know the gates and doors that keep cattle from injuring people are working properly and won’t pop open at the wrong time.

Thanks for your support in the past and we hope you have a great pregnancy testing season. Please send us some pictures, comments and suggestions. At ReproScan, we are always looking for ways to make equipment better so we can all continue to improve.

Have a great season!


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