Viewing Device Considerations

Monitor versus Goggles for Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound – the debate continues!

Advantages of the ReproScan 2.0 Monitor

Diagnostic Image Quality – The ReproScan 2.0 monitor offers great image quality due to advanced design and internal processing of the ReproScan 2.0 monitor display.

Safety - using a monitor enhances personal safety by improving peripheral vision. Awareness of one’s surroundings should be a goal in everyday life and especially chute-side where too many accidents have occurred in the past.

Ram Mount – Mounting the ReproScan monitor is easy thanks to the synergy of the ReproScan monitor bag and flexibility and maneuverability of the Ram Mount devices. There are options for both square and round piped chutes.

Outdoor Use – 1,000 nits of brightness and sunshade monitor bag allows for outdoor use on bright sunny days. When used with a RAM Mount kit the monitor can be manipulated to hang at any angle.

Durability – The ReproScan 2.0 monitor is designed for work on the farm. With a long-life built-in battery and a well-designed case, hundreds of people are proving its durability everyday.

Improved Client Communication – The monitor allows the veterinarian to easily show clients interesting images on the monitor which helps demonstrates the benefits of ultrasounding. And, not having goggles on one’s head allows more eye to eye contact.

Other Veterinary Procedures – Veterinarians are often called on to examine the cow in the chute/crush for something other than reproductive status. This is much safer, easier to explain, take pictures, and manipulate if a monitor is present than if you are using goggles.

Eye Strain – There is considerably less eye strain when one uses a monitor with a large clear image rather than goggles.


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