ReproScan Has Your Back -- Literally!

Safety at the Chute during Pregnancy Testing – This includes your personal safety!

Working cattle is always a challenge. This challenge should focus on quality of work rather than speed. Quality work includes accurate pregnancy testing, safe and efficient handling of the cattle and no injuries!

Sometimes the injuries are chronic in nature and only the person that wakes up the next day with a sore shoulder or back knows that the injury has occurred or that an old injury has flared up again. Let’s all be proactive and use the best communication skills, training and equipment to minimize these aches, pains and sometimes debilitating injuries.

ReproScan and ReproScan staff and customers have hundreds of combined years of experience. We have put this experience to work in the design of our equipment. The ReproArm is the obvious way to prevent unnecessary arm, shoulder, and back strain. The ReproScan 2.0 Monitor used with a Ram Mount kit can improve ergonomics at the chute tremendously. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and methods of working with our equipment. Please let us know your suggestions.

Have a great pregnancy testing season. Remember that ReproScan has your back – literally!


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