Pregame for Preg Checking Season

Preg-checking season is coming up. You haven’t taken your ultrasound out in a while, and one beautiful fall morning you get called to preg some heifers, only to pull out your ultrasound and remember that a ranch puppy found the probe cord with his teeth last fall, which caused a minor tear, but appears to be causing some issues in terms of image quality. Or your ultrasound battery isn’t holding a charge as long as it once was.

Avoid mishaps like these and keep your ranch pup away from your probe!

In order to keep you rocking and rolling as preg-checking season quickly approaches, we’ve put together a checklist of preventative maintenance checks for your ultrasound, viewing devices, and probes. Click on the link to view our Preventative Maintenance Schedule to see what steps you need to accomplish to ensure everything is working correctly.

Click here: Preventative Maintenance Schedule

In addition to going through the attached checklist every six months, we encourage service checks every two years. By sending it in, you can ensure any minor issue doesn’t become a larger (and more expensive) issue in the future.

Fun fact; dust and corrosion tend to shorten your ultrasound life.


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