Merry Christmas from Elle

Merry Christmas from Elle at ReproScan!

Thank you for being our customer—our entire team appreciates your business! I know you have a couple options when choosing an ultrasound, and I appreciate your choosing ReproScan. Our team continually strives to provide you with affordable, durable ultrasounds with the best possible customer service. We cannot promise that we will be perfect, but we will do our best to serve you.

A main focus of 2021 was offering practical Bovine Ultrasound Courses and Wet labs. We did many CE courses this year, If you were able to attend one, we hope you found it beneficial. If you attended a course (or webinar) and there are elements we can improve on, please let me know. I hope to offer you more courses, and some diverse training course options in 2022.

Here at ReproScan we value practicality. The heart of our Research and Development is in-field user experience, so, if you have ideas or comments, please share them. We want to have a pulse on how the equipment is used and adjust accordingly.

It was a pleasure to see many of you at in-person events again this year. I hope you got a chance to meet our newest team member Troy, who is helping with sales and customer service, but also does a lot for our training events. There is a good chance you will talk with him if you call in with a question.

Thank you again for your business, we truly do appreciate it. I pray you have a blessed Christmas with friends, colleagues, and family!

Merry Christmas!



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