Equipment Care - Off Season Care and Storage

Preg checking season has come to an end for many northern ReproScan customers. It is all too easy to put your ultrasound equipment into the backroom without a thought. However, to get the most out of your ultrasound and viewing devices, ReproScan recommends that you fully charge your ultrasound battery as well as your monitor batteries, then run for 3 hours. Follow this link to the Battery University to learn more about lithium ion batteries. Storing your lithium-ion batteries while fully discharged greatly reduces their useful life. Additionally, store your equipment in a dry environment where it will not freeze or exceed 100F or 40C to reduce stress on your batteries.

If you were working in damp or wet conditions, it is good practice to allow your ultrasound and viewing device to run for an hour after you come in. This will allow the ultrasound to warm up and dry out, thus reducing any damage that moisture can cause. Condensation can get into your batteries during operation in moist conditions or with temperature variations.

Please consider sending your ReproScan or BoviScan unit to us for a service check during the off season. Our skilled technicians will open your unit and check for loose connections, damage from moisture (condensation), etc. This may prevent annoying breakdowns next season or costly repairs. Contact the ReproScan office at 1-877-890-2411 or to arrange for a service check.

We all know that ReproScan and BoviScan equipment gets used in tough conditions. With some preventative maintenance and a little common sense, we hope that you will get many years of service and thousands of pregnancy tests from your ReproScan equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions about the care and maintenance of your equipment.


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