Real ReproScan Dr. Leslie Harrison

She drives ¾ ton Chevy all over the mountain passes in central Colorado. If only vet trucks could talk! As many of you know, vet trucks are a rolling storyboard. In Dr. Leslies case the truck is the mobile clinic, equipment storage facility, heater, closet, Cora (her trusty sidekick) limo, and many times a teaching or mentoring office. Each scratch or dent represents her kind heart to help those with a passion for vet school, a time when the truck became a true multipurpose tool or a tired oops.

As many of you can relate, there is no normal daily schedule for Leslie as a mobile vet. A normal day often brings in-field equine lameness exams, regular bovine work (often in less than desirable facilities), and small ruminant or camelid exams. She is in the part of the world where too many times she has to help catch the patient first. (Anyone else have stories like this?) Let me tell you, Leslie and her husband Rusty have a system down for catching uncooperative llamas and alpacas quickly and without stress to anyone (or animal) involved—mini burros in a 40 acre pasture…not so much(might I mention that there were lots of cacti in the pasture as well).

It’s a challenge to encapsulate all that Dr. Leslie does in just a few sentences. She is devoted to serving her clients, an avid eventer, and a great mentor to many!


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