Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Cold Weather Stress On Your Ultrasound

It is cold here in Iowa! We have heard from numerous customers from around North America that winter is in full force everywhere. It’s a good reminder for us all that taking a bit more care if you are ultrasounding during this weather is beneficial to the longevity of your ultrasound equipment. When it is cold and windy, we recommend putting your ultrasound in a backpack. The heat generated from the battery will help keep the machine running smoothly. If the wind is blowing you might also wrap an old blanket or towel around your monitor if you feel that it is running slower than normal.

Another trick from our neighbors to the north is to bring along a bucket heater. Using a 5-gallon bucket with a heater keeps any ice from forming on your extension arm or probe head. It’s one of those tricks that help make things just a bit easier. If you don’t have a bucket heater, and warm water will help keep your fingers from freezing

Last but not least, don’t forget to dry off your equipment before putting it back into the case. After you clean your equipment, be sure to dry it off or leave your case lid open until the equipment is completely dry. The Plano cases are great at keeping your ultrasound safe, but they are also airtight. We want to avoid any water damage to the ultrasound and viewing device.


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