Why Train?

“Veterinary ultrasound equipment has helped a lot of people improve their ability to diagnose pregnancy and reproductive problems in beef and dairy cattle. People still need to continually ask themselves if they are using the equipment to the best of their personal ability and is the equipment set to the optimal settings for the type of examination being done. In the world of cattle reproductive ultrasound, many people work on their own and don’t have the opportunity to compare their skills to others and to learn more about setting their equipment.

ReproScan sponsors many training courses throughout the year in several locations. These training programs offer classroom sessions and hands on sessions with cattle. At each course there are opportunities to discuss techniques and to work with different types of cattle ultrasound equipment. The instructors are very open to discussing all the aspects of successful cattle reproductive ultrasound. Our experience is that everyone that attends a training course goes home with new knowledge, new techniques and better appreciation of the capabilities of their ultrasound equipment.

It has been very rewarding over the last 16 years to see people progress in the use of cattle reproductive ultrasound technology in their practices and cattle operations. And, like most aspects of life, there is room for continual learning and improvement in cattle reproductive ultrasound. Please contact the ReproScan office to discuss your ultrasound training interests and to find a course and instructor that suits your requirements.” – Dr. Andrew Bronson


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