Are You Ready for Equine Season? - Settings Tips

It is almost that time of year again…equine breeding season. Are you ready? Do we need to fine tune any of your settings? The linear rectal probe is the most popular probe for equine use. One setting you can change is the frame rate on your ReproScan ultrasound, from 1 to 3 to get a more detailed image. It is important to note this will cause a slight lag in the image because the machine will be processing more frames. Therefore, I do not recommend it for bovine use.

The linear rectal probe can also be used for limited tendon exams. It will not be as clear of an image as those T-handled probes with higher frequency, but it can be functional. A few settings I play with are frame rate; frequency and IP. By increasing your frame rate as well as increasing your frequency you will have better luck using your linear rectal probe on tendons. I also personally prefer to have my IP at 3. It is a bit darker image, but it can be easier to evaluate the different structures.

Whether you are using a t handle L-40 probe or the linear rectal probe a standoff probe can be helpful when seeking to visualize the structures that are superficial. If you would like to order either of these, please give us a call at 877-890-2411 or send us an email at For a bit more info on flexor tendons, check out another of our newsletters!


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