Equipment Care - Tips for Saving Battery Life

We have all experienced it, that dreadful moment when you turn on your machine…nothing. Your battery is dead. There are many reasons this occurs: forgetfulness, extended periods without use, extreme temperatures, battery age etc. What can you do to prevent your batteries from going dead? The simple answer is remembering to charge them, but there are other ways to elongate your battery’s life.

ReproScan’s equipment uses Lithium ion batteries. To learn more about your lithium ion battery, follow this link to the Battery University. Commonly, ultrasound equipment gets used seasonally. Therefore, the batteries often are not used for several months; this can be detrimental to the batteries. ReproScan recommends that you periodically charge your battery during the off season to keep a partial charge in the cells. Additionally, testing your batteries and chargers before the first day back may save you a headache later. Storing the equipment safe from extreme temperatures and large temperature swings will increase the longevity of the batteries.

Let’s say you pregcheck 75 days a year for four years. This translates to about 300 discharges. Not every charge will be a 100% discharge, so this unit should get at least four years out of the battery. In the real world, we have customers with 5 seasons on their ReproScan XTC battery. Many of those five year old batteries are still holding over 5 hours of charge. This reflects good battery care and a high-quality battery. We hope you have similar success with your batteries. Please call us to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have. We know how important reliable equipment is to your practice and we here to help you keep your ReproScan equipment operating reliably.


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