Considering Efficiency

The beef industry is built on a platform of efficiency; cow-calf operations, stockers, and feed yards all strive for efficiency. For cow-calf producers, reproductive efficiency is the key to success. Many ranches are currently utilizing ultrasound technology to increase their efficiency. In recent years ultrasound technology has greatly improved, offering simpler and more affordable options for both producers and veterinarians. Producers and veterinarians alike can greatly benefit from the implementation of convex probe extension arm ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound technology has the ability to greatly increase the reproductive efficiency of a herd by allowing pregnancy diagnosis to be accurately completed at an earlier stage of pregnancy. Manual palpation requires a great deal of time and cattle numbers to become an accurate palpator; whereas, with the introduction of convex probes on ultrasound units it takes much less time and even fewer cattle to learn to ultrasound.

The utilization of an ultrasound machine also offers additional management tools: the ability to accurately fetal age, the ability to detect fetal abnormalities (such as twins), and the ability to fetal sex. One of the greatest benefits of using an ultrasound is the ability to accurately age the fetus. Ranchers can use this information to better manage their herd and improve their bottom line.


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