Mounting with Ram Mount® Equipment Mounts

The ReproScan 2.0 Monitor was specifically designed to work with Ram Mount mounting equipment. Clients that adapt the Ram Mounts to their ReproScan equipment are very pleased with the results. The advantages of using the Ram Mount equipment include:

1. The ultrasound unit and monitor are up out of the way and therefore safer.
2. The monitor to be positioned exactly so the image is easy to see and clearer.
3. The monitor is not affected by the wind.
4. Cows entering the chute are not distracted because the equipment is not moving.
5. The monitor and the ultrasound unit stay cleaner.
6. The 3 recommended mounting systems are quite universal.
7. Set up is quick and easy.

The 3 most popular mounting systems are:

1. The large claw clamp (RAP-401U) attached to the medium length arm (RAM-201U) can clamp on to most chutes that are made with rounded tubing or smaller square tubing.

Ram Mount components used:

2. A 600 lb. 12” carpenter trigger clamp is great for holding the 1.5” RAM-337U ball which in turn holds the medium extension arm(RAM-201U). The trigger clamps work well on square tube chutes.

Ram Mount and other components used for the trigger clamp method:

3. A 1.5” Ram Mount C type ball (RAM-202-225) mounted on a 6 ½ foot long 2x4 is the third mounting system that you should consider taking with you out to the chute. The 2x4 goes across the top of the chute and is held in place with 2 bungee cords. The monitor is suspended from the 1.5” ball as shown below. When using this system on manual chute, the monitor is often placed on the far side of the chute and the veterinarian looks across the cow’s hind quarters at the monitor.

Ram Mount and other components used for the 2x4 method:

There are several methods of positioning the ultrasound unit for safe and efficient scanning while using the monitor setups described above.

1. Use the trigger clamp or the 2 x 4 to suspend the ultrasound unit depending on which method has been used to hold the monitor. The pictures below show 2 methods of safely suspending the ultrasound. The backpack is a good way to keep the ultrasound clean, safe and dry. Don’t use the backpack on hot days.

2. A simple method of mounting the ultrasound unit, is to use the shoulder strap. Ensure that the ultrasound unit is not banging against the side of the chute.

3. Note to customers with older version of monitors or monitor bags: All the above Ram Mount mounting methods can be used. You will need to zip tie your older monitor bag to the RAM-137BU 11” x 3” plate as shown below.

The Ram Mount equipment shown here, paired with the ReproScan 2.0 Monitor and ReproScan XTC, Flexx or BoviScan Curve gives us great flexibility, safety and efficiency at the chute. We look forward to receiving pictures from our customers as they use this equipment in the large variety of cattle handling facilities that are in the cattle industry.

Please contact the ReproScan office to order a Ram Mount component kit and to discuss the information presented in this article.


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