BoviScan Blitz is Back!

During the month of October, YOU can purchase a brand-new BoviScan package for 10% off! By taking advantage of the BoviScan Blitz, you can build your own ultrasound package, with packages starting at $7500. But what options come with these new packages?

  • -BoviScan Curve: BoviScan Curve is a durable, lightweight, and portable, convex probe designed for cattle ultrasound. It is designed to be paired with the ReproArm for rapid pregnancy diagnosis and the alleviation of the shoulder and arm strain.

  • -BoviScan HD: BoviScan HD offers high resolution and high quality images, allowing for an extremely accurate exam. The HD increases user comfort through streamlined probe size and reduced cord diameter.

  • -BoviScan Linear: The Linear by ReproScan is marked by it’s simplicity. Designed specifically for “arm-in-cow” ultrasound examinations, this unit is lightweight, user-friendly, and portable.

  • -BoviScan S-60: BoviScan S-60 is a portable, light weight ultrasound unit designed for pregnancy diagnosis in sows, sheep, and goats. The S-60 has a convex array probe with no moving parts, making it much more durable and reliable than mechanical sector probes.

Why buy the BoviScan by ReproScan? You need something simple, durable, and practical. Our BoviScan packages are the most affordable on the market today. This ultrasound is reliable, durable, and easy to use. Your BoviScan package can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • -Need to set up chute side? All machines are compatible to the 2.0 Monitor. The ReproScan 2.0 Monitor offers brighter and clearer ultrasound images. With a convenient sunshade case, ram mounting options, a built-in 8 hour battery, IP63 weatherproofing, and it is easy to set up!

  • -Need complete mobility? You can purchase Vista Goggles for your ultrasounds. With the durability and versatility of the Vista’s, you can be sure that they are going to perform in whatever environment you work in.

  • -The last viewing device you can use with your BoviScan machine is the NFI 5000. Paired with a ball cap, the NFI 5000 allows for complete mobility and great peripheral vision. With nit brightness and OLED technology, the NFI provides a bright, high resolution image under any sunlight conditions.

  • -Utilization of ReproArm technology reduces shoulder and arm strain on the practitioner. The ReproArm allows for safer and faster pregnancy diagnosis and fetal aging.

Want to order your new BoviScan package? Call us at 877-890-2411 today to learn more about what package is best for you!


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