Tips, Tricks, and Techniques- How to Set Up for a Successful PregChecking Season!

Pregnancy testing beef cows incorporates many skills, planning and proper facilities. Any deficiencies in any of these areas may result in disappointing results, wasted time and possible injuries to people and cattle. At ReproScan Technologies, we would like to help you plan for success. Here are a few pointers that we would like to share. For more details and tips on how to safely and successfully ultrasound pregnancy test beef cows, contact your ReproScan representative or the ReproScan office.

1. Facilities

Injuries can occur at the chute. Anyone that has worked a lot of cattle has seen things go wrong that could have been prevented with better livestock handling techniques and better facilities. We often work cattle with friends and family. We do not want to see anyone injured and we do not want to injure cattle. So, take time to check over the chute and other handling facilities well in advance of pregnancy testing day. Make sure that manual chutes are adjusted correctly and that cables are in satisfactory condition. Hydraulic chutes should be lubricated, and the pressure should be checked. Excessive hydraulic pressure can hurt cattle.

2. Training

There are several people offering courses on low stress livestock handling. These courses are very beneficial and will generate a healthy discussion back at the ranch.

ReproScan offers several bovine reproductive ultrasound courses throughout the year. These courses are well attended. They provide people that are new to extension arm ultrasound pregnancy testing with the basic knowledge that they need to be successful at this style of pregnancy testing. Check the ReproScan website or call the ReproScan office for further details about ultrasound training courses.

3. Proper Use of the ReproArm.

The ReproArm is a great invention that has helped reduce injuries and fatigue for the person doing the pregnancy testing. Proper technique with the ReproArm is important as rectal perforations of cattle can occur with improper use. About 10 years ago, ReproScan re-engineered the ReproArm so there would be less risk of rectal perforations. The tip of the Regular, Shorty and Linear ReproArms has 80% more rounded surface area than some of the other ultrasound extension arms that are on the market. Make sure that you are familiar with your specific type of equipment and have the proper training and experience before trying to extension arm pregnancy test cattle. Better yet, attend a training program provided by ReproScan or by one of our official representatives.

4. Communication

By definition, communication is the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings. Some people are natural communicators and others struggle to make people understand what it is that they want others to do in specific situations. In order to have a successful pregnancy testing day, someone on the team will need to tell others what their specific tasks are and what is expected of them. Some training may be required before commencing to work cattle. After a lot of years of working cattle on ranches and feedlots around the world, I have tremendous respect for the good managers who quietly and effectively get their team working together to safely and efficiently work cattle. Let’s all take time before we turn on the hydraulic chute or have to shout over a corral full of bawling cows to make sure the team at the chute is properly trained and each person’s duties are understood.

Have a productive and enjoyable fall season. We get to work with cattle people they are some of the best people on this planet so let’s stay safe!


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