Challenges of Aging

At our training courses, I hear the frustration and the desire to become more accurate at fetal aging constantly. It’s that time of year…time to preg-check and time to hear if your calls last year were accurate. Fetal aging can be a challenge depending on the situation. I did a course with Dr. Jerry Roush (Springmill Vet) a while back. He phrased it beautifully (and my paraphrasing will not do it justice) Successful fetal aging=a little bit of skill and a lot of client education and managing of client expectations. This is so true! It is really challenging to determine AI vs Bull bred when they are 110 days and 120 days. It’s quite simple at 50 and 60 days. But if you are not ultrasounding a set of cows until they are 4+ there is going to be a larger slide.


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