Elle's Corner- Busy Season Reminder!

We understand that fall is a busy time of the year. Whether you are harvesting, fall calving, or our favorite, preg checking, we know you are busy! Whatever you are doing this fall we wanted to remind you about a crucial tip to help with a quick and easy day of preg checking. We are talking about manure quality!

Take a look at the picture below to see what we mean!

The looser the manure, the better quality of image you will get. This will help significantly when it comes to fetal sexing, fetal aging and your overall day of preg checking.

One of the best ways to improve manure quality is changing the diet beforehand. You can bump up the protein, whether it’s throwing in a bale of alfalfa or feeding cubes, changing the protein in the diet will be a lifesaver the next day. You will not be the cleanest by the end of the day, but the messier the better! Check out the picture below to see what you should hopefully look like by the end of the day!

Wanting to know other ways to improve image quality? Then give us a call at 877-890-2411 or email inquiry@repro-scan.com.


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