Flexx In Use

This Everyday Ultrasound is designed for rural mixed animal practice. Take the Flexx with you in and out of the clinic to bring high-quality examinations to each patient. The 5 different probe options with 8 preset exams settings per probe, allows for all different types of exam options. Take a look at our different applications to see how the Flexx can meet you and your clinic’s needs!


Take a look at what John Higdon, DVM had to say about his Flexx Ultrasound:

“My ReproScan Flexx has been a great addition to my practice to gain more equine and bovine clients. I have used it a lot for pregnancy diagnosis in cattle, horses, sheep and goats and will also carry it into the small animal practice for a few things with dogs. It is also a very helpful piece of equipment to have on hand for a colic workup. My favorite thing about the Flexx is the flexibility of the machine (pun not intended). I am able to utilize it for multiple species and the variable probes allow me to use it for more than just rectal pregnancy diagnosis. Farmers’ kids really enjoy it as well when I get to show them a fetal heart beat from a foal. I have been very happy with the repro-arm to save my arm and shoulder and save time getting in and out of the chute when pregnancy checking a larger number of cows as well.”

-John Higdon, DVM at Higdon Large Animal Services

Whether you are in or out of the clinic, this machine is meant to keep up with you! Take a look at the Flexx in use!


Wanting to know more about the Flexx? Check out the Flexx Product Page for more helpful information.

If you are interested in our Flexx Ultrasound, give us a call at 877-890-2411 or email us at inquiry@repro-scan.com. We would love to help you get started with this versatile machine!


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