July 2019

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New Look!

As you may have already noticed, ReproScan is in the process of getting a new look! New look, new location, but same great customer service and products. At the core, ReproScan seeks to offer simple, durable, and affordable equipment with the best customer service. We at ReproScan wanted our look to reflect this. Stay tuned to see the transition, and thank you for your business—we greatly appreciate it!

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New Equipment Highlight - 2.0 Wireless Monitor

ReproScan’s new LCD Monitor 2.0 is now available! This monitor offers improved image quality, increased user friendliness, wireless capabilities, a single 8-hour built-in lithium ion battery, touchscreen buttons, and a brighter and clearer display. Paired with the ReproScan Sun Shade Monitor Bag, the bright 1000 nit display makes working outside in sunlight even easier. The LCD Monitor 2.0 is wireless when used with the ReproScan XTC increasing ease of setup and versatility; it also provides a much clearer image with any of the BoviScan machines via direct wired VGA input.

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Tips, Tricks and Techniques – Fetal Sex Determination

Fetal gender determination can be a large value-added feature for those utilizing ultrasound technology. To accurately determine the gender of the fetus, most experts do not recommend attempting to fetal sex earlier than day 57. The optimal window when using a linear probe ultrasound such as the BoviScan HD, is between day 57 and 80 days. When using a convex rectal probe ultrasound (ReproScan XTC and BoviScan Curve), Dr. Andrew Bronson recommends waiting until day 70 to begin fetal sexing.

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Reproductive Ultrasound for Feedlots

Here are some key points to consider: A significant number of feeder heifers may be pregnant on arrival at the feedlot. Pregnancy status is a very significant factor in the performance and welfare of heifers in the feedlot. Feedlot staff under the direction of a veterinarian can quickly learn to pregnancy test feeder heifers. The stage of pregnancy can be detected and pregnant heifer management protocols can be implemented using this information.

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New RAM Mount® for your ReproScan Monitor

There are numerous ways to position your Bright LCD Monitor chute-side. ReproScan is now offering a new RAM Mount Kit for your Bright LCD Monitor. This kit allows you to quickly set the perfect angle and fix the position of the monitor. The RAM Mount keeps your monitor steady even in the wind, allowing you to make your diagnosis quicker. It is simple to attach the RAM Mount Kit to your existing monitor bag.

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift

Karmen Landers received a unique Valentine’s Day gift from her husband Steve this year. The Lander’s family runs a registered and commercial Red Angus operation in Central Arkansas. Karmen is a registered nurse and loves ultrasounding her own cows. She has been coveting a new machine, and after meeting the ReproScan team at NCBA and looking at the different ultrasounds, Steve decided to surprise her with a ReproScan XTC for Valentine’s Day.

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AABP Special

Vets, this year is a monumental one for the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, it is the 50th anniversary. The ReproScan team is excited to be a continued part of the annual conference and trade show. ReproScan will be unveiling new equipment at the conference. Stop by booth number 518 during the conference in Omaha, NE on September 14-15, 2017 to see the new equipment, learn about show specials, and meet the team.

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Trained For Success

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what Dr. Blakely has to say about our training courses! “The course environment was a positive and fun learning environment. I felt open to ask questions and participate. I would recommend this course to practitioners, technicians, and veterinary students. I found it very helpful for myself as a new veterinarian but also found it beneficial to enroll my technician in the course.

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Feeding Open Cows

Producers up north, cannot imagine not pregnancy testing their cows. They have had one of the toughest Februarys on record, and the hay piles are getting smaller by the day. They sure don’t want to be feeding any open cows in their herds this winter. It is easy to become envious of southern ranchers who must supplement their herds much less in what they might call “winter”. Our question to you southern ranchers is, does it pay to pregnancy test beef cows in places like Florida and southern Texas?

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ReproScan Welcomes Derek Hermes to the Team

ReproScan is excited to welcome Derek Hermes to our sales team as a US Sales Representative. Derek started in December of 2016. He will be based in Texas and will travel throughout the United States. Derek will head up on-farm demonstrations for both beef and dairy operations. Derek brings a well-tailored set of experiences with him to ReproScan. Derek grew up in Elbert, Colorado as one of ten kids in the family.


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