July 2019

ReproScan Welcomes Derek Hermes to the Team

ReproScan is excited to welcome Derek Hermes to our sales team as a US Sales Representative. Derek started in December of 2016. He will be based in Texas and will travel throughout the United States. Derek will head up on-farm demonstrations for both beef and dairy operations. Derek brings a well-tailored set of experiences with him to ReproScan. Derek grew up in Elbert, Colorado as one of ten kids in the family.

June 2019

Breeding Season: How Long is Too Long

How long should your breeding season be? The cattle business is amazing in its diversity of geographical locations and management styles. Every ranch must adapt to their environment and resources and strive to be a competitive producer of calves and feeder cattle. One of the many decisions to make each year is, how long should your breeding season be? One quick answer is, not much different than last year. Cows will need 30 to 90 days after calving to get themselves ready to conceive again.


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