October 2022

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Elle's Corner- Busy Season Reminder!

We understand that fall is a busy time of the year. Whether you are harvesting, fall calving, or our favorite, preg checking, we know you are busy! Whatever you are doing this fall we wanted to remind you about a crucial tip to help with a quick and easy day of preg checking. We are talking about manure quality! Take a look at the picture below to see what we mean!

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Flexx In Use

This Everyday Ultrasound is designed for rural mixed animal practice. Take the Flexx with you in and out of the clinic to bring high-quality examinations to each patient. The 5 different probe options with 8 preset exams settings per probe, allows for all different types of exam options. Take a look at our different applications to see how the Flexx can meet you and your clinic’s needs! Beef Applications Small Ruminants Applications Equine Applications Dairy Applications Companion Animal Applications Swine Applications WHY THE FLEXX?

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What Are Pregnant Heifers Costing You In The Feedlot?

Heifers calving in the feedlot can greatly reduce efficiency. Reduced carcass quality and increased management challenges are are few of the results when heifers calve in the yard. Identifying pregnant heifers as soon as possible allows you to manage those animals according to their stage of pregnancy, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing unexpected calving in the yard. ReproScan’s Extension Arm ultrasound and training resources can help make the transition to pregchecking with an Extension Arm ultrasound quick and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a new piece of equipment, you may have some questions. And we have the answers! Throughout the years of ReproScan, we have received questions about almost everything; but there are a couple that we get a lot. Check out some of the common ones: What is the warranty on my ultrasound machine? We offer a 2-year manufacture warranty on all new ultrasound machines and a 1-year manufacture warranty on all new viewing devices.

August 2022

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Practitioner Promo Sale!

It is time for our largest sale of the year, just for you! In the month of August, all new ultrasound packages are 10% OFF! Looking for simple, durable, affordable ultrasound equipment? We have multiple different package options tailored to your practices’ needs. From the multi-probe Flexx to the durable Extionsion Arm XTC package, we partner with you to get an ultrasound that works for you. Call today to demo!

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Set-Up for Success!

We want to make sure your day goes as smooth as possible when it comes to running cows through the chute. Thinking about how you set up chute-side can be quite helpful. Check out this video of Elle explaining some of her set-up thoughts.

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Pregame for Preg Checking Season

Preg-checking season is coming up. You haven’t taken your ultrasound out in a while, and one beautiful fall morning you get called to preg some heifers, only to pull out your ultrasound and remember that a ranch puppy found the probe cord with his teeth last fall, which caused a minor tear, but appears to be causing some issues in terms of image quality. Or your ultrasound battery isn’t holding a charge as long as it once was.

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Elle's Corner

WHAT’S IN MY PREG CHECKING BUCKET? As part of setting up for success, I keep everything I might need with me, in one place, for a day of ultrasounding. My preg bucket holds everything from extra j- lube to butterfly clips, and each component has a purpose. Like a carpenter and a toolbox, I wouldn’t want to attempt to do my job without the right tools. This Rolling Tool Box is a great option for hauling everything you might need.

December 2021

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Merry Christmas from Elle

Merry Christmas from Elle at ReproScan! Thank you for being our customer—our entire team appreciates your business! I know you have a couple options when choosing an ultrasound, and I appreciate your choosing ReproScan. Our team continually strives to provide you with affordable, durable ultrasounds with the best possible customer service. We cannot promise that we will be perfect, but we will do our best to serve you. A main focus of 2021 was offering practical Bovine Ultrasound Courses and Wet labs.

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Fetal Anomalies, Fetal Demise and Failure to Calve

Experienced pregnancy testers know that a percentage of the cows and heifers that are called pregnant, fail to calve. This fact raises the question: what happened to the pregnancies? Let’s discuss a few of the many factors involved in “failure to calve”. 1. The earlier one pregnancy tests, there is increased likelihood that a percentage of the cows with viable embryos or fetuses will fail to calve. This is well documented in dairy herds where pregnancy testing with ultrasound can start as early as day 28 of gestation.


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