January 2020

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Real ReproScan Dr. Leslie Harrison

She drives ¾ ton Chevy all over the mountain passes in central Colorado. If only vet trucks could talk! As many of you know, vet trucks are a rolling storyboard. In Dr. Leslies case the truck is the mobile clinic, equipment storage facility, heater, closet, Cora (her trusty sidekick) limo, and many times a teaching or mentoring office. Each scratch or dent represents her kind heart to help those with a passion for vet school, a time when the truck became a true multipurpose tool or a tired oops.

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Late Season Pregnancy Checks

As ranchers find innovative ways to reduce winter feed costs such as bale grazing and corn stock grazing, the pregnancy testing season gets extended. When the cows finally get near the corrals for pregnancy testing, the person doing the ultrasound work should be ready for some additional challenges: Challenges for late season ultrasound scanning include: 1. The weight of the fetus and fetal membranes causes the uterus to drop lower into the abdomen.

October 2019

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Mounting with Ram Mount® Equipment Mounts

The ReproScan 2.0 Monitor was specifically designed to work with Ram Mount mounting equipment. Clients that adapt the Ram Mounts to their ReproScan equipment are very pleased with the results. The advantages of using the Ram Mount equipment include: 1. The ultrasound unit and monitor are up out of the way and therefore safer. 2. The monitor to be positioned exactly so the image is easy to see and clearer.

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Considering Efficiency

The beef industry is built on a platform of efficiency; cow-calf operations, stockers, and feed yards all strive for efficiency. For cow-calf producers, reproductive efficiency is the key to success. Many ranches are currently utilizing ultrasound technology to increase their efficiency. In recent years ultrasound technology has greatly improved, offering simpler and more affordable options for both producers and veterinarians. Producers and veterinarians alike can greatly benefit from the implementation of convex probe extension arm ultrasound technology.

August 2019

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Viewing Device Considerations

Monitor versus Goggles for Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound – the debate continues! Advantages of the ReproScan 2.0 Monitor Diagnostic Image Quality – The ReproScan 2.0 monitor offers great image quality due to advanced design and internal processing of the ReproScan 2.0 monitor display. Safety - using a monitor enhances personal safety by improving peripheral vision. Awareness of one’s surroundings should be a goal in everyday life and especially chute-side where too many accidents have occurred in the past.

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Preg Checking Check List

It’s time to get ready for preg checking season and here is a list of things to consider: Your ReproScan Equipment: Charge your batteries in your XTC or BoviScan Curve and monitor. Connect your equipment and turn it on. Ensure that batteries, connectors and cables and chargers are all in good shape. Run the equipment for several hours to make sure that your batteries will give you the time you need at the chute.

July 2019

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ReproScan ultrasound equipment provides solutions for all the challenges of dairy cattle reproductive ultrasound. When selecting ultrasound equipment for dairy cattle reproductive examinations, one needs to consider many factors. Early Pregnancy Diagnosis A presumptive diagnosis of pregnancy can be made as early as 25 days. This diagnosis is based on the presence of clear uterine fluid and a functional Corpus Luteum greater than 20 mm on the same side as the fluid.

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Small Ruminants

Small Ruminants (Camelids, Sheep, Goats, Deer, Elk) Llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats can be pregnancy tested with ultrasound equipment. The best equipment to use will depend on the stage of gestation and the method that you wish to use. Alpacas and llamas can be pregnancy tested with “arm in animal” between 30 and 90 days after breeding similar to a cow if one’s arm is small enough. Extension arm ultrasound can be used in alpacas and llamas.

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Most veterinarians that are doing equine reproduction will want to use the 6.5 MHz linear rectal probe for early pregnancy checks and for scanning and measuring ovaries. Tendons can be examined with the 7.5 MHz L40 probe. The 3.5 MHz C60 convex T handle probe is the probe of choice for equine abdominal exams. If the practice has a 4.0 MHz convex rectal probe, this probe is useful for advanced pregnancy testing in ranch mares.

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Companion Animal

For companion animal examinations, the 6.5 MHz C20 micro convex is the most commonly used probe. Routine examination of the bladder, uterus, abdomen for fluid, thorax for fluid, can be done with the Flexx with this 6.5 MHz probe. The 3.5 MHz C60 T handle probe may be used for large dogs and the 7.5 MHz L40 T handle probe is recommended for very small dogs, tendons and cats. Having the right ultrasound equipment for mixed animal practice is a challenge.


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