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Now offering four different styles of ReproArms for improved extension arm ultrasound pregnancy testing. Uniquely engineered, ReproArms are designed specifically for ReproScan's convex and linear probes. ReproArms not only allow for safer and more efficient pregnancy diagnosis, but also alleviate strain on the practitioner's shoulder and arm. The use and acceptance of extension arm technology in pregnancy testing continues to gain popularity. ReproScan is very proud of its part in reducing injuries caused by manual palpation and “arm in cow” ultrasound.

Features of the ReproArms

  • There are four different ReproArms available, each designed for a specific use.
  • Regular Arm: 32" 81 cm used for most of the "behind the cow" scanning
  • Shorty Arm: 23" 59 cm used for heifers and short breds in a hydraulic chute
  • Kiwi Arm: 27" 69 cm used for smaller dairy cows
  • Linear Arm: 32" 81 cm used with the BoviScan HD and the BoviScan Linear
  • Makes extension arm ultrasounding easier to perform
  • Probes snap in and out of the ReproArm quickly
  • Protects the probe and probe cord
  • Designed specifically with a curved shape to reach those deep down pregnancies