Ultrasound Units

The Everyday Ultrasound is designed for rural mixed animal practice. You will use the Flexx to improve examinations of every species in the clinic and out on the road.

• Five probe options

• 8 Preset Exam Settings per probe

• Image Export to FLEXX Android App

ReproScan XTC is a durable, portable, convex probe cattle ultrasound unit with wireless capabilities. It is designed to be paired with the ReproArm for rapid pregnancy diagnosis and the alleviation ...

• 4.0 MHz 60mm convex rectal probe

• Wireless or directly wired 2.0 Monitor

• Freeze button

BoviScan Curve is a durable, lightweight, portable, convex probe cattle ultrasound. It is designed to be paired with the ReproArm for rapid pregnancy diagnosis and the alleviation of the shoulder ...

• 4.0 MHz 60 mm convex rectal probe (2.0 to 5.0 MHz)

• 80 element probe

• 2.0 to 5.0 MHz probe frequency range

ReproScan XTL is a durable, portable, linear probe ultrasound unit with wireless capabilities. This ultrasound design has proven durability. With a freeze button, CINE loop and interchangeable battery you have ...

• 6 hour lithium ion battery

• 4 hour charge time

• Charge from 120/240 VAC or 12 DC (Car Charger)

BoviScan HD offers higher resolution and higher quality images, allowing for an extremely accurate exam. The HD increases user comfort through streamlined probe size and reduced cord diameter.

• 8 hour lithium ion built-in battery

• Charge from 120/240 VAC or 12 DC (Car Charger)

• Battery indicator on display

The Linear by ReproScan is marked by it's simplicity. Designed specifically for "arm-in-cow" ultrasound examinations, this unit is lightweight, user-friendly, and portable.

• 6.5 MHz 60 mm linear rectal probe (5.0 to 9.0 MHz)

• 80 element probe

• 4.0 to 7.5 MHz Probe Frequency Range

BoviScan S-60 is a portable, light weight ultrasound unit designed for pregnancy diagnosis in sows, sheep and goats. The S-60 has a convex array probe with no moving parts, making ...

• 3.5 MHz convex T probe for large field of view

• Clear high-resolution image

• 8 hour lithium ion built-in battery


The OJO V4s offer a streamlined design allowing you more peripheral vision. A simple design with multiple mounting options makes it customizable for your environment.

• Multiple Mounting Options

• Increased Peripheral Vision

• Compatible with all Machines

The future of ultrasound viewing just got clearer! The Vista goggles by ReproScan offer improved image resolution through precision prism lenses. These lenses provide a larger, brighter, clearer image to ...

• Prism lenses for increased peripheral vision and improved range of focus

• Improved range of focus

• Large image on displays

The NFI 5000 allows for complete mobility and great peripheral vision. With nit brightness and OLED technology, the NFI provides a bright , high resolution image under any sunlight conditions.

• Monochrome high luminance OLED display technology

• Designed to maxamize user's peripheral vision

• Constructed of high quality anodized aluminum allow and stainless steel

The ReproScan 2.0 Monitor offers brighter and clearer ultrasound images. With a convenient sunshade case, wireless capabilities, a built-in 8 hour battery, and IP63 weatherproofing, it is more versatile than ...

• 2.4 GHz wireless receiver

• IP63 rated water and dust resistant

• Sunlight readable with LED backlight

There are 5 uniquely engineered and designed ReproArms. Utilization of ReproArm technology reduces shoulder and arm strain on the practitioner. The ReproArm allows for safer and faster pregnancy diagnosis and ...

• Regular Arm: 32" 81 cm used for most of the "behind the cow" scanning

• Shorty Arm: 23" 59 cm used for heifers and short breds in a hydraulic chute

• Kiwi Arm: 27" 69 cm used for smaller dairy cows