Apexx Curve

The Apexx by ReproScan is designed to elevate your ultrasound experience. Utilizing the trusted foundations of our other models, we designed a unit with improved image quality and more viewing device options. Apexx takes image quality to new heights with its 128-crystal probe and now offers Wi-Fi capabilities. Its durability paired with an interchangeable battery ensures this ultrasound machine will last all day no matter your working environment. For beef applications, the Apexx pairs excellently with the RAM mounted 2.0 monitor for high quality image resolution and ease of setup.

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128-Crystal Probe

Taking your image quality to new heights.

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Multiple Signal Outputs

Allowing for compatibility with multiple viewing devices.

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Wi-Fi Capability

Making record keeping efficient and easy.

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Apexx Curve

  • 128-element convex rectal probe
  • 2.0-5.0 MHz C60 probe
  • Rapid zoom option of 71-239 mm deep
  • Interchangeable 5-hour lithium ion battery (6 hour charge time)
  • Weighs 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) including battery
  • 4 pre-set examinations
  • Splash proof
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Compatible with multiple viewing devices
  • Freeze button

Related Products

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2.0 Monitor

The ReproScan 2.0 Monitor offers brighter and clearer ultrasound images. With a convenient sunshade case, wireless capabilities, a built-in 8 hour battery, and IP63 weatherproofing, it is more versatile than ever.

  • 5.8 and 2.4 GHz wireless capabilities
  • Screen Size: Diagonal 8" (4:3)
  • IP63 rated water and dust resistant
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There are several uniquely engineered and designed ReproArms. Utilization of ReproArm technology reduces shoulder and arm strain on the practitioner. The ReproArm allows for safer and faster pregnancy diagnosis and fetal aging.

  • Regular Arm: 32" 81 cm used for most bovine extension arm ultrasounding
  • Shorty Arm: 23" 59 cm used for heifers and short breds in a hydraulic chute
  • Mini Arm: used for small ruminant and camelids
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OJO Goggles

The OJO V4s offer a lightweight, streamlined design allowing you increased peripheral vision. A simple design with multiple mounting options makes it customizable for your environment. With the sunshade, these goggles afford you the ability to work out in the bright sunlight.

  • Lightweight 4oz. (113 grams)
  • Increased Peripheral Vision
  • Large Image Display 4:3 Ratio



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