University Externship Programs

What can ReproScan offer to your student organization? 

- Externship loaner ultrasound equipment
- Wet Labs
- Zoom or Online Webinars
- Lunch and Learns
- Arm-In Cow Ultrasound Training
- Extension Arm Ultrasound Training

ReproScan makes ultrasound equipment available vet students participating in externships to allow for increased interaction during their externships. We collaborate with several colleges and universities to provide high quality bovine reproductive ultrasound training.

Our team can be right there with you and your students showing you how to effectively and efficiently ultrasound your large animals. We offer both "arm in cow" and "extension arm" forms of training. We also offer a loaner program for vet students. By working directly with you and the host vet clinic, we can get you the best equipment for your needs. 

ReproScan is here to support our future bovine veterinarians! We understand that knowing how to preg-check accurately is a very import skill and we want to help.