The ReproScan team is very committed to providing professional cattle reproductive ultrasound training. Since 2008, ReproScan personnel have offered hundreds of ultrasound training programs on five continents. ReproScan offers training materials with the purchase of each ultrasound unit as well as several hands-on ultrasound training programs each year. 

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Training Course Testimonials

Audra ; 4th Year Vet Student ; Ames, Iowa

The training course was very informative! I learned a lot about fetal aging and sexing. The hands-on time really reinforced what we learned and the facility was clean. I cannot wait to offer my newfound knowledge to the clients & producers in my area. It was an amazing learning experience!

Dr. Jessica ; Bute, Montana

Great course for going over the basics of ultrasounding/fetal aging/fetal sexing. The lecture was great for going over what to look for. During u/s- both instructors were so helpful at walking you through little movements and exactly what you were looking at.

Dr. Wayne ; Dell, Montana

I was very impressed by the instructors, and the course as a whole. They were very knowledgeable and were great about answering questions. Their teaching method was easy to understand, and very engaging. I feel much more confident in my ability to accurately diagnose, date, and sex pregnancy in cattle. I’m very excited to preg check our cows and practice my new skills.

Dr. Britney ; Remsen, Iowa

Overall, the instructors and course were very beneficial to my learning how to better ultrasound. By taking this course, I now have a better understanding of identifying fetal aging on the screen, and have a quick resource to look at with the handy printed sheet. Additionally, the course allowed me to better visualize the setup of the machine chute-side, and practice with the introducer tool effectively. The instructors were very knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful with hands-on learning. This is a course I would recommend to my colleagues.

Dr. Emily ; Concordia, Missouri

The training course was great! I appreciated seeing the videos and having landmarks pointed out to me in the first day to use the second day during the wet lab.

Dr. Brianna ; McCook, Nebraska

It was a fun course and it brought a lot of clarity to a subject only lightly touched on during our education. I also appreciated the instructors. They were very relaxed and easy to speak to which allowed for a great learning environment. I will recommend this course to my classmates.

Dr. Erin ; Texas

Dr. DeMuth and Derek were phenomenal! This course was a great review of topics I already knew and I also picked up new tips/tricks/techniques that will be invaluable in my career moving forward. The classroom portion was informative and interactive, and the wet lab portion was a great opportunity to put all of this information to use. Small class size allowed for more hands on, one-on-one practice. I feel confident moving forward with this knowledge at my own practice. I recommend this course for anyone looking to learn how to ultrasound cattle or wanting to brush up on their skills and increase their knowledge base!

Dr. Emily ; Concordia, Missouri

This course was a great for me as a beginner. The first day of lecture was very helpful in learning landmarks and trends that were applied the second day of hands-on practice. The ReproScan crew is very helpful (and gentle) in giving suggestions and advice for improvement.